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Announcing the Sweet 16 Winners!


We read the hundreds of entries to our 16th birthday contest, and after voting, much hemming & hawing, tonight we finally informed the winners.

So without further ado, we present….the winning “words of wisdom” in honor of our 16th birthday!

1st Place – James B. - winner of trip around the world, to one source of our globally inspired burritos

Sixteen is a great age, you've grown, you've matured, and you're ready for anything. You have the most (Mango) Passion for Life (is Good) that I have ever seen. During The Summer, you gave back during a (Berry) Blitz of free Minis from Buffalo to Memphis (BBQ) to support good causes. I'm sure some people have told you that you are absolutely Nutella for being so giving, but your fans think that it was a very Classic (Mexican) thing to do! While most people sit in their beach chairs on Cape Codder, the inventive Boloco crew is busy going Strawbanas coming up with new ways to satisfy all of our cravings.   Who knew that Bangkok Thai or Teryaki stir fry would be great in a burrito? You, that's who. During snow storms that not even Jimmy Carter himself would go out in, the brave Boloco employees had some big Huevos Rancheros to open up shop and be available to those in the neighborhood.   And who can forget the time that you went to Twitter to catch those robbers! Twitter helped you figure out that they were not Cajun nor Mediterranean or even the Cookie Monster, but they did help you with lots of tips. Bostonians love you Boloco, and whether you were at a Truck Stop or only served Spicy BLTs, we would be there to party on and do your Cake Shake with you across the country.   

Remember to always be you, because who you are is AWESOME. So raise your glass of Soy Berry and cheers to you Boloco, Happy 16th!

2nd Place -  Paul L. - winner of trip to San Francisco, one of the sources of inspiration for our founders

Continue to be BOld, continue to be LOyal and continue to COnscious of our beautiful little world.  We hope the next 16 years are as sweet as the first!

3rd Place – Sarah H. - winner of free burritos for a year

Judge a man (or woman) not by their clothes but by the kind of burrito they eat.

Runners up (all won $100 to boloco each) – and of course, we felt the need to assign a category to each of these winners:

  • Most Fanatical Guest – David M.

You should never refuse a woman who asks you to buy her a burrito. She'll fall in love, and you'll get the Boloco points!

  • Most Indisputable Logic – Steve J.

Sometimes a little burrito spills on your lap.  Just remember that it was made with a lot of love and there's nothing wrong with love in your lap.

  • Best “never take yourself too seriously” – Valerie H.

Remember, my young Boloco, after doing your Cake Shake, some Mediterranean girls might want to Goloco with you. Now, I know your dance is not Original, but it is The Summer and after having a Classic Mexican margarita, she is going to want your Mango Passion. But don't think this Mediterranean is going to be a Berry Blitz, she is not some girl you just met at a Truck Stop. She is going to want you to take her to Cape Codder, Buffalo, and Memphis (for) BBQ. But you're not Jimmy Carter, how will you pull it off? Don't go Nutella and turn into a Cookie Monster, you have Huevos Chorizo, you can do it! Just use your Spicy BLT attitude and your southern Cajun charm and say the magic words, "Chopped Sesame" and her Fajita Vegetables will be yours.  The Tikka Masala, The Teriyaki, you kids have all sort of names for these things today! But once you have her Soy Berry, just go Guacamole!  For Safety, when you Bangkok Thai, don't go Strawbanas, you're not julius Caesar, always keep it Wrapped up!   Happy Sweet 16 Boloco!!

  • Best Rhyme – Samantha G.

It's your 16th birthday, and it's extra sweet

For you give us the very best burritos to eat

Your tasty, unique flavors keep us coming back for more

Even plain old classic ones are so far from a bore

The best part of my summer is your Jimmy Carter Shake

It brings me happiness that's just impossible to fake

Peanut butter and banana are the perfect pair

I fear someday I'll show up and that shake will not be there

What I like most about you is you care about the Earth

And you've been doing nice things for the planet since your birth

It feels good to support a brand that's mastered such great taste

But also cares enough to make sure nothing goes to waste

So my advice to you is to keep doing what you've done

'Cuz I know I am not the only diehard fan you've won

Enjoy your teenage years but know that great ones lie ahead

And keep your breakfast burrito (it's the reason I leave bed).

  • Favorite Food Rocks – Andrew G.

The secret to life is finding what you love....and wrapping it up in a burrito.

  • Best Environ-mentality – Riley B.

"Going Greener"  

Its sweeping 'cross the planet,

The trend is going green,

To think before you can it,

To keep our planet clean,

Boloco is a master,

At saving our fair earth,

Just tossing trash is faster,

But less in moral worth,

So verdant in your waste bins,

So now I'd love to see,

Some greener menu items,

A shake made with green tea,

A kale and kiwi smoothie,

A spinach flavored wrap,

The color's so appealing,

Ask a Venus fly trap,

Trees, and grass, and money,

Lots of veggies too,

Green is fresh and funny,

Boloco, so are you!

  • Best all-around advice – William L.

Sixteen, huh? You're old enough to drive now, Boloco, and drive you will. You may be the "BOston LOcal COmpany," but you're headed somewhere bigger.   When I was sixteen, I was working to keep my grades up, worrying about gossip, and trying to win over my high school crush. Between balance sheets, Yelp reviews, and customers, it seems like you're concerned about the same kinds of things.   That's understandable. But let me offer you a piece of wisdom, Boloco: you will grow up fast.   So, enjoy your youth. Don't be afraid to experiment. Follow your passions. Don't be ashamed of being enthusiastic. Don't apologize for being different. And most importantly, have fun. Take chances.  You're going to face big challenges, and I know you're going to do just great. You know how to make others happy. You're generous and friendly. You have the right values. The old guard may do things differently, but that's not because their way is better. Go ahead and show the world what makes you special. Pickled onions, cole slaw, and peanut sauce on a burrito? Go loco. A chocolate chip cookie in a smoothie? Why not! You shake things up. The world needs that.  So stay tasty, Boloco. Stay fresh. And happy sweet sixteen.

  • Best Video Submission (and, only video submission, for that matter) – Chris P.

My advice is for you to watch a video I made in honor of Boloco.  Go to Youtube and search "dear Boloco/ill wisdom".  Happy Birthday!!!!

  • Most engaged & generous neighbor – Sean M.

Boloco, you're growing so quickly.  In the blink of an eye 16 glorious years have passed.  You're probably one of the best-traveled/globally minded 16 year olds out there.  You throw awesome parties on a regular basis, and you have a ton of friends who want to hang out and visit you every day.  It's an enviable position to be in at any age, but you don't let it go to your head.  Think about how much you've given back.  You partner with your friends to raise thousands of dollars for charity, and on top of that you treat your friends with such generosity.  My advice to you is simple.  Don't forget about what got you to where you are today.    As you continue to grow, focus on what's made you successful up and to this point.  You've built up a great customer base by providing us with quality food at a great value.  Your family is warm, energetic, and always willing to go the extra mile to make us feel special, so keep on recruiting the best talent.  And you treat all of your friends with so much respect.  The rapport you've built with us is very unique, and maintaining that level of intimacy as you continue to expand will make sure you grow to be healthy & strong.  So my advice is simply to keep up the great work!!

  • Most appealingly off-center – Gwen M.

Sweet Sixteen!  Oh how sweet it is. Here is some advice for you:

Keep up the good work.

Don't look a gift buffalo in the mouth.

A rolling stone gathers no teriyaki.

The early bird catches the cajun.

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw memphis bbqs.

Walk softly and carry a big classic mexican.

Tikka masala doesn't grow on trees.

The bangkok thai is mightier than the sword.

Enjoy the summer of your 16th year!

  • Most Human – Ryan F.

Life is a burrito: a mixture of unique and wonderful experiences, amazing people, and flavorful ideas, all wrapped up in a tortilla of love. Every day is a chance to peel back the foil and take another bite. When you're done, everything left gets recycled.

  • Best classic rhyme-turned-Boloco – Erin T.

'Twas the night of the contest,

and all through the East Coast,

Very Important Burrito Eaters

were submitting their posts.

Words of Wisdom or some advice was boloco's request.

There's not much to improve - globally inspired burritos are the BEST.

With sixteen years under your belt, and many more on the way;

Heck, you could enjoy a different burrito each day!

Like a Buffalo, The Summer, Memphis BBQ or Cajun;

Tikka Masala, or The Caesar - How 'bout a Mediterranean!

With great service galore, and a nifty website,

What tips to give a company that just gets things right?

One suggestion - or two - if I may,

ground beef for burritos, and a T.V. ad -   Whaddya say?

These ideas are simply my advice to you...

but please, boloco, just keep doing what you do!!

  • Most 100% honest (and 100% serious) – Ryan S.

I personally believe that our most basic desire as humans, the thing that gives us the purest and most simple pleasure, are positive relationships with other people.  When people care about others and open themselves up to understanding, both sides truly win.    Boloco has a chance to do the same thing as a company.  You can be a positive influence in peoples' lives.  You can have a company culture that embraces doing things the right way, and having positive relationships and being honest with your employees and customers.    When someone is lying on their deathbed, what truly gives them contentment and peace and fulfillment is looking at their life and knowing that they made a difference in peoples' lives.  That they cared, they shared, they understood, and they loved.  Understanding that they have no regrets in this path of meaning that they chose.  Boloco has the chance to choose that same path as a company, to have no regrets on the path that was chosen.    In full disclosure, I feel that Boloco does a pretty good job keeping these values close to its heart on a day-to-day basis.  Consider this a reminder, and a friendly challenge to a company I respect, to put what is truly important to us as people first.  I think it will pay off in the end.

So with that, we wrap up our 16th birthday contest.  Thank you for entering, reading, and please keep sharing your words of wisdom with us.  After all, we're still in our adolescent years and we need all the advice we can get!

Posted April 2nd, 2013.

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  1. Ben says:

    Congratulations to all the winners! If I were a 16-year-old burrito company, I would feel wise beyond my years!

  2. cassidy says:

    Thanks, Ben! :)

  3. Erin T. says:

    Just wanted to say Congrats to all of the winners & a big thank you to boloco for the sweet prize! Looking forward to using it!

  4. cassidy says:

    Thanks, Erin! Congratulations to YOU! Thanks for entering!

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