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Hello There!


Hello? Is this thing on? As we know from our 15 years of growing up (yes, we’re an adolescent now), sometimes you do things that don’t work, or stop working, and you have to give it up for a bit... Then your regroup, add some shiny new foil (sometimes literally), and start over. And cross your fingers that people will give you another chance... Don’t worry, this isn’t us trying to teach you some big lofty life lesson... It’s just us attempting to restart our blog, when we have no idea what to say... First, we want you to know that this blog used to exist! Then it faced the same fate as the Korean BBQ burrito... it disappeared. It stopped. But unlike the Korean BBQ burrito, this blog is coming back (and the Korean BBQ might come back eventually too, who knows...)! Starting now, we’re going to try to post about all different parts of boloco life: our people, events, ideas, and of course, burritos. We’re going to track down the inspiration for some of our menu items and the sources of some of our ingredients, and do any other crazy thing we think of (suggestions? we’re always listening...). We know some of you won’t care about what we’re up to, but for those of you that do, these blog posts are for you! We hope you’ll follow along, wherever our adventures take us, it’s sure to always be 100% honest, and hopefully, appealingly off-center and not too serious... like we always try to be. Stay tuned for what’s coming up first! Who knows what we’ll come up with... We could hardly get burritos out of our hands long enough to write this first post... Thanks for reading! Have a globally inspired day :-)

Posted November 14th, 2012.

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2 Responses to “Hello There!”

  1. JenniferM says:

    How about showcasing stand-out employees? While in the Hanover, NH store last night (12/16/12 at around 9 p.m.) the employees were just great – friendly and welcoming. There was a gentleman cleaning the windows and seats very thoroughly and with a nice smile. He was asking us how we were doing and we struck up a conversaton (while he cleaned. He was describing to us the similarities between his native culture’s New Year celebration at the beginning of spring – symbolic of the upcoming growing season(March 21)- and the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day for the Irish. Full of such wisdom and insight. He heartily welcomed us back for another meal. We were very impressed at how serious he was taking his job and how intelligent and interesting this gentleman was. We would love to know more about his background, why he is working at Boloco and what is future goals are. We would love to see him rewarded for his work ethic and good heart – especially during this holiday season. This was our first trip to Boloco and we will be back. We are gluten-free and appreciate the bowl option. Wonder if a gluten-free wrap is in the works?

  2. cassidy says:

    Hi Jennifer –

    Thanks so much for the amazing comment! We’re so glad to hear that you had such a great experience at Boloco Hanover! We’ll let the team up there know that you think they’re great :)

    Hopefully we’ll see you again soon! Oh and yes – we have been testing some gluten free corn tortillas at a few of our locations. We’re definitely very interested in the idea, we just need to find the perfect tortilla option!

    Thanks again!

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