Globally Inspired Burritos


NEW Burritos! NEW Sides! NEW Drink! OH MY…

Summer is here, so we're introducing some NEW burritos and sides and a refreshing drink!

Be Globally Inspired (by the culinary traditions of the Middle East)!

P.S. Here's a glossary of key terms to help! :) - Falafel: Mixture of ground chick-peas formed into balls and lightly fried - Tahini: Smooth paste of sesame seeds - Kale: Leafy green, antioxidant-rich nutritional powerhouse - Quinoa (Pronounced 'Keen-wah'): Grain-like superfood with protein-rich seeds - Tabbouleh: Salad of Lebanese origin (we've added quinoa & kale)! - Hummus: Paste of pureed chickpeas

Available for a limited time!

Posted June 24th, 2013.

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7 Responses to “NEW Burritos! NEW Sides! NEW Drink! OH MY…”

  1. Mary Walcott says:

    I ordered a small kale-quinoa bowl with white chicken and was charged 7.53 for the small bowl and 1.03 for the white chicken. The add says choice of protein… Weird thing is I ended up with more chicken than salad, so I basically paid 7.53 for a verrrry small amount of kale-quinoa and another 1.03 for the white chicken. Also, why is it 7.53? I coincidentally sat down at a table with a slip for a teriyaki bowl with STEAK and it was only $6.54 for the whole thing. Way too expensive for what I received.

  2. victor kumpel says:

    made a special trip to Bethesda today.had the 2 summer burritos for lunch and dinner, starting to crave your rice so i got a mini mexican too. loved them all, got a smoothie too! My friend got the quinoa with pork bowl, she loved it. way to go , hope others start craving it the way i now do.

  3. cassidy says:

    Hey Victor – awesome! SO glad to hear you enjoyed your meals! Hopefully we’ll see you again soon! :)

  4. cassidy says:

    Hi Mary –

    Oh no! So sorry you didn’t have a good experience with our new specials :( You definitely should not have gotten more chicken than salad. As for the price confusion, we definitely should’ve made that more clear before you placed your order, so we’re very sorry about that. Unfortunately, we do have to charge a little extra on these seasonal specials, because of the added complexity they bring to our menu.

    Do you have a boloco card so we can make it up to you? If you do (or if not, we can mail you one!), comment here with the numbers on the back, or email us the numbers at


  5. Scott says:

    I’m enjoying the falafel, but can’t find an ingredient list. Can you help? Thanks.

  6. cassidy says:

    Hi Scott – oh no! So sorry we didn’t respond to this ’til now, now that the Falafel is no longer on our menu! :( Hopefully you were able to enjoy it while it was! Thanks!

  7. Pam says:

    Quinoa in burritos has changed my life. Sooo yummy. I had a classic Mexican this weekend with quinoa and I can’t wait to go back.

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