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Spring is for Cycling

TJROW Collage 2

It’s officially Spring! And Spring is the time for cycling (and running, walking, kayaking, roller-blading... but right now we’re talking about cycling)!

At Boloco, we love a good bike ride (I, Cassidy, rode Hubway to the office today before writing this blog post)! So since this week is Bay State Bike Week (and the inaugural Bike Friday of the year tomorrow!), we figured we should fill you in on all the exciting cycling-related things we’re up to.


Tim Johnson’s Ride on Washington (a.k.a. TJROW)

Even a burrito aspires to ride a bike... but since burritos don’t exactly have legs, we sent the Boloco Airstream (on wheels) to follow Tim Johnson’s Ride on Washington

Adventure ensued, as the burrito followed the cyclists from Boston to Hartford to NYC (yes, we successfully parked the burrito in Manhattan!!) to Philly, and finally to DC.

It took 5 days for the cyclists and the Boloco Airstream (“burrito on wheels”) to reach DC, all to raise money for People for Bikes (watch our whole video to find out what YOU can get if you sign the People for Bikes pledge!).

Once we all made it to our nation’s capital, the cyclists encountered REAL burritos, at the finish line celebration hosted by Boloco at our restaurant on 19th St!

Tim Johnson, the ride's fearless leader, clearly loves burritos...


Bike Friday

This Friday (5/17) is the first Bike Friday of the season! Bike Fridays are Boston's way of celebrating cyclists in our city. Join one of dozens of bike commuter convoys to ride throughout the metro Boston area to finish at City Hall Plaza. Because you rode your bike, you'll get a free breakfast burrito (courtesy of us)! Convoys finish at City Hall Plaza between 7:30-8:30AM. Fingers crossed for nice weather...!

After that, there are 3 more Bike Friday events this summer:

6/28, 7/26, 8/30

Lund 5th Annual Ride for Children

This past Saturday (5/11), our burritos were at the finish line of the Lund 5th Annual Ride for Children up in Burlington, VT. We sponsor this ride annually because we love their mission of “[helping] children thrive by serving families with children; pregnant or parenting teens and young adults, and adoptive families.”


Bikes Not Bombs Bike-A-Thon

Bikes are great. Not just for riding, but as a vehicle for social change. Which is why we’re sponsoring the Bikes Not Bombs Bike-A-Thon on June 2nd. Come do the ride across 1 of 4 different scenic routes around greater Boston, and you’ll get a burrito at the end as your reward!

Bike MS 2013

Bike MS is the longest-running charity bike ride in the D.C. area, featuring awesome scenic views of nature as you ride. And for those of you who do the ride, you'll get a Boloco coupon in your swag bag at the waterfront finish line! And you'll be supporting a great cause all along the way.


The Prouty

For the 9th year in a row, we’re sponsoring the Prouty ride (or walk, run, row, or golf!) for the Norris Cotton Cancer Center.

At Boloco, we believe there is a cure to cancer, it just has to be discovered, and supporting the Prouty is one of the ways we try to do our small but meaningful part to help find the cure.


Nothing yet! Got some ideas for us? If you hear of anything, let us know @boloco or


Hub on Wheels

September seems like a long way away, but it’s not too early to start getting in cycling shape for Hub on Wheels at City Hall Plaza on September 22nd! We (along with the giant burrito Airstream trailer, as always!) will be there at the finish line with the Boloco Block Party! Serving up burritos & bowls, playing games, and just having an overall great time!

Mayor's Cup

Also in September (just 1 day before Hub on Wheels), and also at City Hall Plaza, is the Mayor’s Cup, a professional cycling race in the heart of downtown Boston. As usual, we’ll be at the finish line doing our thang, serving food, rockin’ out to the sweet tunes, and enjoying the weather (hopefully).

All Year Long:

Back Bay Cycling Team

Have you seen some guys and girls riding around wearing sweet bike jerseys with the boloco logo on them? Those are the members of the Back Bay Cycling Team (or B2C2, for short). We love sponsoring them because they do awesome things, besides just ride really fast... A few days after the Boston Marathon bombings, they delivered coffee from Boloco to some of the first responders in downtown Boston. How cool is that?!

They also joined us for the kickoff of the TJROW adventure:

Team Boloco

Many of us who work at Boloco love bikes as much as we love burritos (and that’s saying a LOT). Whether we’re biking to work, Hubway-ing to a meeting, or riding 100 miles to fundraise for a charity, we loving riding our two-wheeled friends. And, if you didn’t know, a burrito is the perfect pre-or-post bike ride fuel... ;)

We’re also getting ready to launch NEW and improved Boloco bike jerseys! They're not finalized yet, but here's a sneak peek at what our friend Ryan White is working on for us!

Our events season is just ramping up, so stay tuned for more fun in the sun!

See ya on the road!

Posted May 16th, 2013.

4 Responses to “Spring is for Cycling”

  1. Katherine says:

    I really hope I can join your Hub on Wheels team again this year!

  2. Sara says:

    Awesome work, guys! Look forward to joining Team Boloco’s Prouty Ride again this year!

  3. cassidy says:

    Thanks, Sara! See you there! :)

  4. cassidy says:

    We sure hope so too! We’d love to have you!

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