Globally Inspired Burritos


Free Breakfast Burrito Day at School Street!

On April 8th, Boloco concluded a run of Free Burrito Days at all 16 locations. It was at that point, after doling out over 26,000 freebies, that we stopped and thought to ourselves "What's next?" After much debate, we decided it was time to conquer the next frontier: breakfast.

Therefore, this Wednesday, 4/28/10 (yes, that's tomorrow), we will host Free Breakfast Burrito Day at Boloco School St. From 7am-10am, you can get a Free Mini or Small size breakfast burrito for free. If you’re really hungry, the Original size will only cost you a buck.

Last, but certainly not least, we’ll have representatives from Suffolk University Habitat for Humanity in-store to collect donations from our generous guests. Please consider donating to aid this worthy cause prior to (or just after) chowing down on your freebie.

Posted April 28th, 2010.