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Meet Our Friend, the Boloco Card!

Many of you probably already know our good friend, the Boloco know, that pretty little piece of Sean Boyce artwork in your wallet or purse.

If this is not ringing a bell, that's ok, you're not too late to join this "exclusive" club. It's really, insanely easy to join...all you have to do is swing by your local boloco and ask the cashier for a card. Once you have it, you're in... sweet. Now what?

Well, you can start accumulating points (and freebies) and storing value right away. Just make sure we swipe your card with every purchase.

Not enough? Well, we've got some extra perks reserved for our VIPs.

In fact, if you want to become a "VIP" member, that's pretty easy too. Just head to this page to register your card and "opt-in" (it will take you 2 minutes and 37 seconds).
If your card is already registered, you're already "on the list" as a boloco VIP!
What kind of benefits do these VIPs enjoy?

Well, in addition to the ability to earn free food and load stored value, VIP status gets you:

-25 points on-the-spot (halfway to your first freebie)
-A free birthday burrito (happy birthday!)
-Guaranteed lost-card replacement (if you lose your card, your hard-earned dollars, freebies, and points won't disappear)
-Auto reload for stored value (you can link your credit card to your account, so if your balance gets low, it gives you an automatic boost)
-Special perks (like the one you're about to read about)

Because we couldn't leave out our registered-card-carrying boloco fanatics, TODAY (7/29/10), all REGISTERED Boloco Card holders will get DOUBLE POINTS for any purchase at boloco. Yup, that means you're moving twice as quickly towards your next freebie.

Snag a card and show it with will not be disappointed.

P.S. If you haven't registered your card yet, make sure you do so by August 31st and you'll be in line for a little surprise from your friends at boloco. In addition to a goodie for all registered card holders, we'll have another bonus for the top 50 boloco card users during the month of August so prepare to brave the heat and head on out to boloco.

P. P. S. After two weeks of spirited (and friendly) competition and over 3,700 Cape Codder smoothies sold, the race to win a piece of the Boloco PMC Bike Fund has now come to a thrilling conclusion. We fell a few smoothies short of our outrageously-lofty goal of 4,000 sold and $1,000 raised for the Pan-Mass Challenge, but, with the finish line in sight, we're kicking in the few extra dollars needed to make it to $1,000. After a week of passionate posts on our Facebook wall, we narrowed down the field to five deserving finalists. After yet another week of voting on, we're ready to provide that little fund-raising boost to these five riders.
Here are the results:
-Jen Taylor - 677 likes - $424
-Lena Joseph - 567 likes - $355
-James Scott - 148 likes - $93
-Jeffrey Charles Marcus -139 likes - $87
-Alessandra Hobler - 66 likes - $41

Congratulations to all 5 members of our "unofficial" boloco PMC team and best of luck to the thousands of riders who will pedal hundreds of miles to raise millions to fight cancer!

Posted August 31st, 2010.