Globally Inspired Burritos


Mayor Mondays!

The results are in, and listed below you’ll find the Foursquare mayors for the month of September. Nevermind! In a bid to make this more fun for everybody, we're doing away with Mayor Cards and doing this the normal way. Now, our Foursquare Mayor Specials are available to the current mayor, no matter how often that changes.

What are we offering our dignitaries this month, you ask? Well, we've come up with "Mayor Mondays." On Mondays (and only Mondays), our Mayors are eligible for one free burrito for them, as well as one for each of up to TWO friends. The catch is that the friends have to come in with the mayor to get the freebie.

Cardholders, fret not! Even if you're not the mayor anymore, you can hold onto that card. Think of it as a little piece of boloco history. We can't promise we'll honor it forever, but it will still be valid for Mayor Mondays for the time being. So come in, flash your Mayor Card or your smart phone check-in showing that you've unlocked our special, and enjoy your freebies!

Wondering what all this Mayor nonsense is about? To become Mayor, you need to download the Foursquare app to your Blackberry, iPhone, or Android phone, and check-in to boloco whenever you come in. The Mayor is the person who checks-in the most frequently. Get the app and get started today!

Posted September 2nd, 2010.