Globally Inspired Burritos

Northeastern University


359-369 Huntington Ave
Boston, MA 02115 map

(617) 536-6814

  • Every day: (10am – 10pm)

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#6 – opened October 2000

We were more than a little intimidated by this location when our friends at Northeastern first asked us to take a look. It was huge – twice as big as any other restaurant we had opened – and it was another failed pizza joint in its prior life. How can you fail selling slices?? But with tons of seats (like 35), our first real outdoor patio, and, for the first time, a landlord (Northeastern University itself!) who actually seemed to want us to be there, we took the leap. From day one, this campus mecca has been one of our best Bolocos, and because of this we owe the Northeastern community big time.

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