Boloco Closed July 4

We’re closed today, July 4… but the original idea was to close on Labor Day. Here’s what happened.

During these past few years we have spent a lot of time thinking, and writing, about Labor Day, and holidays in general, and what it really means to the majority of this country’s workers, our own team members included. For most, and too often exactly those people who Labor Day is supposed to honor, sadly it’s just another day of work.

A few weeks ago, we brought up the idea of closing all Boloco restaurants for Labor Day, allowing our teams to “relax”, “barbecue” and do whatever else they wanted just like the “rest” of America. While those in hourly positions don’t usually get paid when they aren’t on the clock, we suggested paying for a partial shift as well on this day off.

As it turns out, while team Boloco appreciated the discussion and the offer, they valued being off more on July 4th than on the day we actually call Labor Day! Especially those from other countries, they wanted to celebrate America on July 4th… and all that our country has done for many of them.

“But, what about Labor Day?!”, our co-founder and Chief Worker Advocate John Pepper asked again, hanging onto the original idea. Nope. July 4th was the holiday our teams want off. So, as simple as that is…we said, YES. DONE. FUN!

Our team members at Boloco work really hard. And while we pay them well* relative to most in our struggling industry, we believe that they – like most of you – deserve the day off to celebrate our country’s 243rd birthday and spend time with family and friends or perhaps just resting and playing Fortnite.

Happy, well-rested, highly respected team members make tastier burritos and bowls and treat our guests better, too. It’s simple science, at least at Boloco.

In the spirit of listening … they wanted a little more time on the 5th to come back in, so all locations re-open on July 5th at 11 AM. Their call…and we’re cool with it ;o)

Check out our social feeds to see how team members are spending their Fourth and have a great holiday!


*avg wage as of 4/1/19 $15.36 (for non-management)