The Secret is Out… The Flaming Caesar is back!

flaming ceasar

What a horrible image for such an incredible invention.

We can do better and we will.

But in the meantime, get over to Boloco today and ask for

The Flaming Caesar

Today through Sunday (6/18) it’s 20% OFF too.  Just make sure you are talking to a human eyeball-to-eyeball when you order… unfortunately no online or kiosk discounts on the Flaming.

Way back in 2011, while they were totally wrong about the Buffalo, some avid Boloco fans described this long-time Secret Menu item as follows:

“We have a confession: we’ve never actually tried The Buffalo burrito. As classic as it may seem, blue cheese dressing, buffalo sauce, celery and rice just sounds too basic for our taste.  We’re sure it’s good, but we’ve always opted for something a bit more complex. Luckily some renegades at Boloco have found a solution! Check out The Flaming Caesar. This light burrito’s got lettuce, [a touch of Boloco’s famous] buffalo sauce, Caesar dressing, feta cheese, and croutons! [And of course your choice of naturally-raised chicken or grass-fed steak].

This marriage of the Caesar and Buffalo is perfect for those balmy summer days when just the thought of a steamy hot buffalo chicken burrito would be enough to make you pass out.”

boloco mission painting