UPDATE: Boloco raises $6,000 for David Ortiz Children’s Fund


In early July, we announced our goal to raise $34,000 for the David Ortiz Children’s Fund as a ‘thank you’ to David for everything he has done for New England. (click here for the full story).

Today, we are proud to announce we have raised $6,000 to date and will be presenting them with one of those cheesy jumbo checks this week. But wow do we have a long way to go in 60 days or less!

All you have to do to help is visit any Boloco (or click here to order online), order the Big Papi Kitchen Burrito and $1 will be donated to the David Ortiz Children’s Fund. And then you and your friends have to do that 28,000 more times between now and Ortiz’ last at bat. It’s going to be challenging, but crazier things have happened.

Now. Go. Eat. Big Papi’s Kitchen Burrito. It’s Awesome and It Donates to a Good Cause. Or click here to order online.

big papi's kitchen burrito

Enjoy, Thank You, and Let’s Do This!

Pepa (aka John Pepper) and Papi (aka David Ortiz)


John Pepper
CEO & Co-Founder