4 Wins in 15 Years = $4 Bowls and Burritos TODAY

Well, well, well THEY did it again!!!! #welldoneboston

But you know what, on certain days, it sucks not to have our former cracker jack marketing team chomping at the bit to break some rules, make a ruckus as Seth Godin always says. How badly in moments like these we miss the good ol’ days with Cassidy Quinn, Cait, Allison, Drew, Sara, Sam, Rob, and so many other marketing rock stars who honored our restaurants with their creative juices for many years.

That was when we were well-funded, of course. Now we’re un-funded, on our own, doing what we’ve always done – being 100% honest, somewhat off-center, and never taking ourselves too seriously.

On that note, when our friends at super-duper-funded Chipotle, who have surrounded virtually all of our home-grown New England restaurants, announced their Boorito Day (which is today!) this year – $4 for a burrito when you dress up for Halloween – we thought, as the unfunded so often do, why argue with their cracker jack marketing team?! Let’s just match them! They had to have given it a ton of thought, done the research, yadi yadi…

But then something happened. Something huge, in fact. And it happened right near Chipotle’s new sunny HQ in southern California (contrast that to Boloco’s, um, room behind the kitchen at the Berklee College of Music restaurant). On a historic evening this past Sunday our beloved Red Sox, the best Red Sox team in history some say, beat those tragically hip LA Dodgers to win their 4th World Series in 15 years!

Boloco has always been about Boston. For those of you who still don’t know, our name actual stands quietly for BOSTON LOCAL COMPANY. Get it?

4 World Series in 15 years. There it is again… the big number 4.

So get this… we don’t’ have to be copycats after all!

Show up at any Boloco TODAY (10/31/18) wearing or carrying anything, and we mean anything, showing your love and awe of our hometown sluggers, the Red Sox, and you’ll get a $4 mini, small or original-size Burrito or Bowl. **

So come celebrate Boston’s big win – New England’s big win! – at Boloco. On days like today, nobody messes with Boston… especially not burrito chains from LA 🙂