Here's some stuff you might not know about working for us:

No Boloco team member makes less than $16/hour.
And some non-managers make as much as $24/hour.

Plus Tips. Plus Earned Overtime.

Everyone is eligible for a bonus.

Our People
Boloco is always looking for better, bolder, and more efficient practices for paying the highest wages in the restaurant industry. In 2001, we voluntarily raised the Boloco minimum wage to $8 per hour when the state minimum was $5.75 per hour. In 2021, we decided to keep moving forward with our company aspirations and do a universal wage increase before the industry average went up to $15 per hour in 2022. In 2024 the minimum wage paid at Boloco is $16 per hour (delivery drivers are paid less per hour but guaranteed $16 per hour and usually make nearly $30 per hour)

Our Benefits
Boloco provides health and dental insurance, PTO, vacation and sick pay, many skills and development opportunities to advance your career (in and outside of Boloco) and 25% bonus pay on 6 holidays per year.

Our Education
Boloco offers a variety of classes, including ESOL classes and is committed to the development of its team members to prepare them for bigger roles both in the restaurant industry and just as importantly in new industries.

Our Mission
Boloco’s company mission is “to positively impact the lives and futures of Our People and Our Communities through bold and inspired food and practices.”