Our 1997 Frequent Wrapper Card is Back!

Buy 7 Burritos or Bowls, and your 8th is FREE!

Boloco turned 21 this week, and in addition to our throwback 1997 prices and amazing 1997 tunes playing every day in the restaurants, we’re also bringing back our original 1997 Frequent Wrapper Card!
Way back in ’97, when we were still called Under Wraps (and nearly getting sued for it), we introduced the leading technology of the day;

The Paper Punch Card

Made from visually stunning paper, the punch card rewarded customers – yes, even those who pay with cash! – with a free burrito for every 10th visit. Here in 2018, we’ve punched your first 3 visits for you just to help you get the hang of it… a tutorial of sorts!
Stop by this week to be one of the first customers to experience the dazzling beauty of the paper punch card. Weighing in at a mere fraction of an iPhone, the retro Boloco Punch card is like nothing many of you have experienced before. Just ask one of our team members for yours today.
Also, when you stop in this week (until Sunday) you’ll get your first few punches at a discount because small burritos and bowls are just $3.95, and the original is only $4.95! Smoothies are 90’s cheap as well!
Yeah, the 90’s kind of rocked, right?!