Hot burritos and bowls served until 4PM today

With the famed “bombogenesis” well under way, Boloco locations in Massachusetts will be closing at 4pm (we think we can stick it out safely in Hanover, NH). This will allow our night teams to not have to travel at the peak of the storm. Those of us that are already in the restaurants are ready

Happy 2018, Boloco Family!

  Happy New Year, Boloco Family! I’m sending this to all 140 of our Boloco family members. We are a smaller family than we used to be, but, I hope, and I believe, much closer than ever before. I prefer small and close to big and disconnected. I know many of you do too! 2017

RANT & RAVE: Price Increases at Boloco

Over the past year we have been slowly rolling out changes to our ordering process and pricing. While many guests appreciate these changes, there are always those who don’t – often for good reasons. Since I’m personally not always appreciative of change or price increases myself, especially when it’s a company or product I love

RANT & RAVE: Pricing for Veggies #Scam

For a long time, Boloco has charged guests who order vegetarian burritos or bowls a little less than those who ordered meat. And for about 10 years we charged those who ordered White Meat chicken (something few other burrito joints offer) an extra buck or so compared to those who ordered dark Thigh Meat chicken.