Fight for $15!

Oh, it was going to be so hilarious! April Fool’s Boloco-style never used to disappoint. I stressed about this all day, and honestly for many days leading up to it. And here we are at a few minutes before midnight (damn, it’s actually past midnight now), and nothing. I couldn’t do it. Argh!

Here it is, in all it’s glory. The fake press release that never was. (Get your readers on – small print warning)

It was entitled: “Celebrating Minimum Wage and a Win-Win!”

For the record, NONE of what is written is true – in our tests, people immediately started feeling unsettled and alarmed, even when they knew it was a test. Maybe that’s why I lost my nerve on this one, and in the process my sense of humor.

Why even try this, then? This was our desperate, bass-ackwards way of announcing that effective last month we officially pay every team member* (yup, the dreaded asterisk!) at Boloco $15 per hour or more 💰 💴 💵 . Since so few people react to that kind of news these days (a new pickle recipe on a Chick-Fil-A sandwich is how headlines are generated – not what they pay their people, right?!) we thought we’d twist it around a bit and see what happened. Maybe GO VIRAL!!! 😉

Our good friends Tom O’Keefe (aka @BostonTweet) and Jorgy Cruz put together a video last week where they asked me “Why $15?”. It’s short, take a look if you like. They have some other important interviews on their new site Impact Video Group too… worth a visit. Click the image below.

Happy April Fool’s. I hope this message finds you, your friends and your families looking forward to a lot of new possibilities and a glorious spring and summer as we slowly move on from Covid. We hope to see you soon.


John Pepper

* (that asterisk!) –  Team members who are part-time minors may be started at $13.50 but will receive tips and bonuses that should meet the $15/hour commitment. We know there are those who find this offensive for a variety of valid reasons. We will be assessing carefully as we move forward into 2021.