FOMO re Closing to Vote

A lot of companies are “closed” today to allow their employees to vote.

We asked our teams in the 3 open restaurants if they, too, would like to close in order to give everyone a chance to vote. They told us that everyone had already either voted or had a plan to vote if they had not already and, as importantly in their eyes, that keeping the restaurants open, serving our guests, delivering on a few big catering orders, and adding to the positive energy they are creating in our restaurants was the top priority. We made sure that if anyone working today somehow sees the window of opportunity to vote closing, that they know they are paid to head over to the polls and get it done.

So Boloco in Hanover, NH, Lynnfield, MA, and Boston Children’s Hospital are open today.

Come say hi and show us your “I Voted” sticker.

To conclude, I want to share one of my favorite VOTE videos from 2008… made by our friends at Starbucks. At the time asking people to get out the vote seemed a lot more “bold” for a company to do than it does today… but its still a beautiful message.