10 Things you should know about Matt

How long have you worked at Boloco? Over 15 years.

What location are you currently working at? All over but I am about to return home to where my burrito journey began in Hanover NH.

What’s your favorite Color? Red and Black are my favorite colors.

Where did you grow up? The beautiful town of Claremont NH.

What’s your favorite boloco burrito or bowl? My favorite that is on the menu now is the Elote Street Corn with Carnitas.

What are your hobbies? I play rugby, go to Red Sox Games, listen to records and try to get my 7 month old son to walk.

What’s your favorite place to vacation? My most frequent vacation locale is the Gorge in George, Washington.

What is your favorite boloco memory? My favorite memories are all of the events we have done over the years especially The 15 Prouty’s I have helped with, and seeing former team members who have moved on to bigger and better things in pursuit of their dreams. Or having a former customer stop me on the Strip in Las Vegas to see if I was indeed the Boloco guy from Hanover. Or the day I realized that I have probably helped in the making of over a million burritos.  There are a lot of great memories.