Meet Max! (Lynnfield, MA)

How long have you worked at boloco?

5 years (with a 3-month hiatus)

What location are you currently working at?

Boloco Lynnfield

What’s your favorite Color?

Black (So excited about the NEW look of Boloco)!


Where did you grow up?

Chelsea, MA

What’s your favorite boloco burrito or bowl?

Teriyaki with Chicken and our new elote corn salsa on top

What’s your favorite place to vacation? 

Puerto Rico

What’s your favorite animal?


What do you do for fun?

Spend time with my family

What’s your proudest moment? 

When my son was awarded the Red Triangle for academic achievement and social gratitude, because he worked hard to achieve his goal

What’s your favorite Boloco memory? 

When a group of students found out it was a team members birthday and started singing Happy Birthday as loud as they could to them