Meet Sandra!!!


10 Things you should know about Sandra Vargas

How long have you worked at Boloco?
15 years

What’s your favorite boloco burrito or bowl?
Buffalo burrito with Dark chicken add charred broccoli and Caesar dressing

What locations have you worked at?
Cleveland Circle, Newbury, Congress, Federal and Commons

What’s your favorite color?
Baby Blue

Where did you grow up?
San Salvador, El Salvador

What’s your favorite place to vacation?

What’s your favorite Animal?
English Bulldog

What’s your proudest moment?
When my two kids came to my life

What’s your favorite Boloco moment?
Our participation at the Prouty event in Hanover, NH

Anything else that you want to answer that we didn’t ask?
I love our mission statement because I believe that people should be first and everything else isn’t really important in this world