Safety & Gratitude @ Boloco

Dear Boloco Friends,

The updates on the COVID-19 virus are constant and ever-evolving. Virtually every company in the country has reached out to its customers to share detailed plans for added safety measures and practices. You can link to our own here .

Like so many other local businesses, Boloco will likely face immense challenges in the coming weeks and months. While we hope to navigate these rough waters thoughtfully and compassionately, we don’t have all of the answers and would appreciate hearing any thoughts from you at any time.

We appreciate you more than you can possibly know. In our 23 years, together, we’ve worked through 9/11, the ’08 recession, the Marathon Bombing, some pretty monstrous Nor’easters, not to mention our own self-induced blunders. COVID-19 is novel in ways that we are all just starting to learn about. It’s literally one day at a time for each of us as individuals and as businesses.

While we hope you will keep Boloco on your short list as long as we are open and you find yourself choosing to consume food outside the home, most importantly we hope you stay safe, healthy, and close to those you love.

In closing, Cameron Bellm from Seattle penned “Prayer for a Pandemic” last week, and we thought we would share in case you haven’t seen it. Her words resonated with us a great deal, and perhaps they will with you too.

Your Grateful Friends at Boloco