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“Narrative and feelings”

To our wonderful team at Boloco,  Below this note I’ve included this morning’s blog post from our friend Seth Godin who says: “If our goal is to help people make better choices, it helps to first create better feelings.” Read the whole passage… I think you’ll like it. Many of our people at Boloco are

Fighting for $15 is No Joke, even on April Fool’s 👊

Oh, it was going to be so hilarious! April Fool’s Boloco-style never used to disappoint. I stressed about this all day, and honestly for many days leading up to it. And here we are at a few minutes before midnight (damn, it’s actually past midnight now), and nothing. I couldn’t do it. Argh! Here it

FOMO re Closing to Vote

A lot of companies are “closed” today to allow their employees to vote. We asked our teams in the 3 open restaurants if they, too, would like to close in order to give everyone a chance to vote. They told us that everyone had already either voted or had a plan to vote if they

Boloco Re-Opening Update – October 9, 2020

BOLOCO UPDATE October 9, 2020 Dear Boloco Shareholders, September was relatively uneventful. We remain open in 2 of the 7 locations (unchanged from last report) and have been working on securing agreements with all landlords to either re-open at reduced rents or to close permanently. We have now received forgiveness of some or all of

Boloco Re-Opening Update – August 25, 2020

BOLOCO UPDATE: August 25, 2020Dear Boloco Stakeholders,While I realize I’m supposed to be able to steer this ship after so many years at the helm (whether as CEO or Chair), I continue to feel very little control over the direction we go from one day to the next.  A few weeks ago I could not see past

The 3 Gs Necessary for Boloco’s Survival

A few weeks ago, I realized that Boloco’s survival was no longer in my hands. Control of our fate rests in what I have shared with a few are the 3 remaining Gs – God, Government, or Gatsby. We used to have other Gs, like Grit, Generosity, Goals, even Gutsy – those still matter, but

The GW Carver Shake – Even a Peanut Aspires

This past Tuesday morning, I caught a quick glimpse of the final, final draft of a Boloco promotional email that was to be released at 11am. “The Jimmy Carter Shake is Back!” it proclaimed. It went on to share some of the roots our former President had as a peanut farmer – well known to

Something’s Gotta Change + Free Delivery to Your Door

Imagine there’s no Grubhub, It’s easy if you try No DoorDash or UberEats Lets distribute that big pie, Imagine all the people living for today Imagine there’s no Postmates It isn’t hard to do Higher wages and benefits And vacation too Imagine all the people, for once, living real lives You may say I’m a

And the Reopens Begin

Boloco re-opens on May 4, 2020 in Hanover, NH (yes, at Dartmouth College!) as well as Berklee College of Music and Boston Children’s Hospital in Boston. Safety measures are top priority. We’ll be doing a lot of delivery. PPP Funds are helping us pay our team members even if they can’t work – all others not working are receiving the enhanced

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