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TODAY – NEW Elote Street Corn Bowl

We’ve been working hard on a new delicious creation…and we’re psyched to introduce it to you… Elote Street Corn Bowl Packed full of serious flavor and shovel-into-your-mouth type of delicious. Add your favorite protein of choice… humanely-raised white or dark chicken, Grass-Fed steak, Organic Tofu or our freshly sautéed Fajita Veggies. If you don’t dig

Boloco Closed July 4

We’re closed today, July 4… but the original idea was to close on Labor Day. Here’s what happened. During these past few years we have spent a lot of time thinking, and writing, about Labor Day, and holidays in general, and what it really means to the majority of this country’s workers, our own team

Buffalo Burritos > Buffalo Wings … ? > ?

Why wait till the Big Game to get your buffalo fix?! This weekend Americans will chow down over 1 Billion chicken wings.* When #80 helped seal another trip to the Big Game we started thinking Buffalo Burritos. After all, Buffalo Burritos are sooo much better than buffalo wings – no bones, no napkins, no crazy

Hot burritos and bowls served until 4PM today

With the famed “bombogenesis” well under way, Boloco locations in Massachusetts will be closing at 4pm (we think we can stick it out safely in Hanover, NH). This will allow our night teams to not have to travel at the peak of the storm. Those of us that are already in the restaurants are ready

EXCLUSIVE: Boloco CEO shares brutally honest tale about making it in the restaurant biz

REPRINT FROM FAST CASUAL MAGAZINE: “They just ain’t what they used to be! Very unfortunate, really.” I woke up this morning to a beautiful sunrise on the Atlantic. My second-to-last morning of kids’ spring break. Six days in. I’m finally refreshed and rejuvenated. Amazing what fresh Florida beach front air, warmth, sunshine and a little distance

“Walking the Line” at Boloco (DRAFT)

NOTE: This is still work-in-progress… read at your own peril… ——— “What the serious fu%$ Boloco?!” I saw the tweet and winced, knowing with 100% certainty what had just happened. Another long-time fan and friend of Boloco had run across the new ordering format we have been testing in a few of our locations (currently Hanover,

UPDATE: Boloco raises $6,000 for David Ortiz Children’s Fund

Friends, In early July, we announced our goal to raise $34,000 for the David Ortiz Children’s Fund as a ‘thank you’ to David for everything he has done for New England. (click here for the full story). Today, we are proud to announce we have raised $6,000 to date and will be presenting them with

The Secret to Big Papi’s Success

Friends, Once every so often, our little restaurant chain allows us to get to know some pretty interesting people. Lately, we’ve gotten to know David Ortiz, aka #34 Big Papi (click here for the full story) We’re doing something special in honor of his last season in the MLB. Here’s the deal… effective until Big

lyft and boloco

Friends, One day in the fall of 2013 I was looking to mix things up a bit (ok, it was a mid-career crisis) and became an Uber driver. My daughter Tibby, who was 9 at the time, helped me get ready for my first ride… our short video is below: After about 50 rides I

Raising the Wage at Boloco

December 24, 2015 Dear Team Boloco, Hang on tight… this is a long one. For those of you who get through it all, thank you. If you know you can’t, just watch this video instead… click here or on any of the pictures that follow. Maybe you’ll choose to return here later. Today is a